Fontaneto line

Our flagship line. We prepare fresh pasta, fresh stuffed pasta and gnocchi every morning to ensure our products retain their indomitable freshness. We only choose the best ingredients that the skilled hands of our expert pasta makers and chefs transform into inimitable pastry and authentically-flavoured fillings.


As fresh as if made by hand.
Produced and immediately packaged loose in our cardboard packs, without being preserved in any way. Perfect for restaurants and delicatessens that only offer high-quality seasonal products.
We also make pasta varieties and fillings on request.


The unmistakable taste and quality of the Fontaneto line in takeaway trays and ATM (Modified Atmosphere) bags which preserve its freshness for longer.

The real rough pasta can be recognized to the touch, to the sight and tasting.

The I.P.I.Lar processing method (acronym for Hydration, Pre-dough, Dough, Adjustable Automatic Lamination) is the most innovative system in the world for pasta processing. Thanks to a totally cold production process that eliminates mechanical stress, it preserves the qualities of the raw materials intact.
The result is a rough, elastic pastry with the unmistakable aroma of hand-knitted dough.

It fully preserves the qualities of the proteins

Keeps products fresh for over 30 days without pasteurization

It guarantees the perfect integrity of the starches

It allows uniform cooking on both the external and internal surfaces