Our sustainable quality

We truly respect the environment and have always made responsible choices to reduce our impact on the planet.

We created the first 100% green
pack for fresh pasta

In 2019, we embarked on a journey to make all our packaging eco-sustainable, together with Novamont, a leading company in bioplastics. The first 100% compostable pack (even the label!) stemmed from this fruitful partnership.

Fontaneto packaging is increasingly sustainable

Our genuine products use carefully-selected ingredients, no artificial flavours, and our packaging also has a positive impact on the environment.

PET Takeaway Tray:

ATM Bag:

Cardboard box:

We have been using renewable energy since 2008

We believed in sustainability before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. A percentage of our energy needs is generated by the solar panels installed on the roof of our factory.

Only good things from social commitment

Like the Maccheroni Fontaneto, born from the meeting with the artigianal Pastificio Pasteto, a social cooperative called IL GRIGIO. They are dedicated to the employment of the most vulnerable people. With them we share care, dedication, passion and attention to people and raw materials.

Our Code of Ethics

We are a deeply-rooted local community that is united by tradition, skills and strong aspirations; even before that, we were a company made up of individuals who each made their own contribution by acting responsibly, day after day. We believe that it is really important to clearly define the set of values that Fontaneto recognises, accepts and promotes.

The real rough pasta can be recognized to the touch, to the sight and tasting.

The I.P.I.Lar processing method (acronym for Hydration, Pre-dough, Dough, Adjustable Automatic Lamination) is the most innovative system in the world for pasta processing. Thanks to a totally cold production process that eliminates mechanical stress, it preserves the qualities of the raw materials intact.
The result is a rough, elastic pastry with the unmistakable aroma of hand-knitted dough.

It fully preserves the qualities of the proteins

Keeps products fresh for over 30 days without pasteurization

It guarantees the perfect integrity of the starches

It allows uniform cooking on both the external and internal surfaces