Quality and safety

For us, quality means creating a safe product,
healthy and organoleptically excellent.

Our certifications

BRC FOODThis HACCP system-based standard aims to increase and guarantee a high level of control when it comes to the working environments, products being processed and the entire production chain. From supplier qualification to the production process, distribution chain and end consumer, BRC FOOD helps us ensure the quality and safety of all our products.

IFS FOODThis international standard – recognised worldwide and by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – has been adopted by Mass Market Retailers with the aim of verifying and ensuring the manufacture of safe products in compliance with legal requirements, in addition to demonstrating food quality and safety assurances to consumers and competent authorities. IFS FOOD ensures, strengthens and promotes food safety throughout the supply chain. By possessing this certification, companies are able to more readily meet the market’s growing demands for transparency and traceability.

Safety measures

Fontaneto’s mission is to guarantee the manufacture and distribution of safe products, in full compliance with the voluntary certified standards and its customers’ trust.
We constantly focus on monitoring the production environment, finished product and processes.
All Fontaneto products comply with health and hygiene standards and are subjected to meticulous checks, also guaranteed by the support of accredited external analysis laboratories, in addition to collaborations with prestigious Italian research institutes and universities.


We want our Fontaneto products to contribute towards the well-being of our loyal consumers. For this reason, we attach great importance to our high-quality raw material suppliers, giving preference to local products and promoting Italian excellence. A philosophy that has driven us to invest in a selection of DOP, PGI and slow food products.

Organoleptic Excellence

We have launched an in-house test panel programme made up of highly qualified personnel with a test calendar that lets us evaluate the quality and organoleptic properties of all the products in the range at any time. Our packs have also been designed and tested to preserve the organoleptic properties and guarantee safety in all phases of a product’s life.

The real rough pasta can be recognized to the touch, to the sight and tasting.

The I.P.I.Lar processing method (acronym for Hydration, Pre-dough, Dough, Adjustable Automatic Lamination) is the most innovative system in the world for pasta processing. Thanks to a totally cold production process that eliminates mechanical stress, it preserves the qualities of the raw materials intact.
The result is a rough, elastic pastry with the unmistakable aroma of hand-knitted dough.

It fully preserves the qualities of the proteins

Keeps products fresh for over 30 days without pasteurization

It guarantees the perfect integrity of the starches

It allows uniform cooking on both the external and internal surfaces