Authentic Craftsmanship

The difference is in the taste!

One at a time,
just like once upon a time.

Craftsmanship and hands-on skills are irreplaceable for some of the steps. For this reason, you’ll find our expert pasta makers hard at work at Fontaneto, with their flour-covered fingers repeating firm yet confident actions, dictated by experience and the care they possess for all that is precious.

30 years on, I still taste every filling prepared by our chefs in the kitchens.

Everyday freshness

Fontaneto comes alive at 4 am every morning. The following needs to be done: prepare the sofrito for the meat fillings, turn on the machines, hand-seal the tortellini and load the yellow lorries.
All to ensure our genuine freshness is brought to your table every day.

We believe in the importance of what is inside

We only use genuine and controlled ingredients in our fillings, which our chefs cook fresh every morning. Recipes that arise from meticulous local research, attention to quality, harmony with the seasons and the rhythms of nature.
So good that a drizzle of oil is all that’s needed to savour the mouth-watering flavour!

Our semolina is reminiscent of the golden ears of wheat. We only ever use Italian wheat and eggs; the two key ingredients in Fontaneto fresh pasta.

We hand-pick the best Italian meats with a guaranteed lean component of 80% or more, for a tastier result. Fresh meats are slowly braised in a pot, as per tradition.

We only use fresh vegetables to prepare the sofrito. So much so that we receive fresh deliveries, three times a week.

Furthermore, we only use Grana Padano DOP cheese that has been matured for at least 18 months, and it is grated fresh every day to preserve its fantastic qualities.

Our dough is not just good, it is alive

We cold-process the dough according to the LAR method, which results in handmade-reminiscent rough yet elastic pasta with a high cooking yield and high digestibility, as all the nutritional properties of the raw materials have been preserved.

Mouth-watering flavours

We are heirs to the great tradition of fresh pasta and stuffed Piedmontese pasta; we strive to showcase this in many of our recipes.
However, we do also like to dip our toes in the flavours of other lands and come up with new concoctions. As we embark on these taste-focused journeys, we also incorporate Michelin-starred chefs to create surprising and exciting fillings as a team.

The real rough pasta can be recognized to the touch, to the sight and tasting.

The I.P.I.Lar processing method (acronym for Hydration, Pre-dough, Dough, Adjustable Automatic Lamination) is the most innovative system in the world for pasta processing. Thanks to a totally cold production process that eliminates mechanical stress, it preserves the qualities of the raw materials intact.
The result is a rough, elastic pastry with the unmistakable aroma of hand-knitted dough.

It fully preserves the qualities of the proteins

Keeps products fresh for over 30 days without pasteurization

It guarantees the perfect integrity of the starches

It allows uniform cooking on both the external and internal surfaces