Basil raviolini with gazpacho



Time of preparation:

20 min


4 people


– 400 g basil raviolini
– 1 kg cherry tomatoes
– 1 white onion
– 1 cucumber
– 4 basil leaves
– 4 parsley leaves
– Juice of half a lemon
– Salt
– Pepper
– Angostura bitter


Blanch the tomatoes and peel them.
Crush them to remove any excess liquid. Pour a drop of extra virgin olive oil into a pan. Blanch the tomatoes for 5 minutes
to give them flavour. Peel the cucumber. Place all the ingredients in the food processor, pour in the extra virgin olive oil and gently blend so that the individual ingredients remain recognisable. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and cook the raviolini for 4 minutes. Drain them and mix them with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Spoon the warm or cold gazpacho onto the plates first, followed by the raviolini. Garnish with basil and, if you are so inclined, why not add a few drops of Angostura?

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