For our 35th anniversary, we are giving back to the local community

This year, to celebrate our 35 years in business, we have decided to give back to the local community!

On Thursday, 29 June 2023, a GIVAS electric stretcher was donated to the Aula Magna of the Borgomanero Hospital, for use by the Nephrology Centre, on behalf of the “Fiorenzo Alliata” Pro-nephropathic Association, thanks to the generous contribution received from Fontaneto srl in Fontaneto D’Agogna.

The company – Fontaneto – is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year and the Fontaneto family wanted to thank the Community by donating, in conjunction with the “Fiorenzo Alliata” Pro-nephropathic Association, an electric stretcher for the Nephrology department in Borgomanero Hospital. Nursing staff will use the donated piece of equipment to transport patients who will have to undergo a series of tests or visit other departments during their hospital stay.  The stretcher is equipped with technology that allows for multiple patient movement operations, whilst ensuring adequate comfort and making the operator’s work much easier.

This kind gesture is testament to the Fontaneto’s family concern for other people. By providing cutting-edge technology, operators can flawlessly carry out their duties whilst ensuring ever-greater safety when moving patients throughout the hospital.

“The Fiorenzo Alliata Pro-nephropathic Association has always had people’s health needs at heart, especially during the pandemic. With the support of the community, over 600,000 euros were raised as part of a fundraiser, which helped donate high-tech equipment for patients and operators alike to Borgomanero Hospital,” commented Stefano Cusinato, the President of the Fiorenzo Alliata Pro-nephropathic Association. “Without a doubt, Covid has profoundly changed our habits and priorities, but one most certainly still remains the same: now, more than ever, we understand that results are achieved when public and private entities come together for the common good. The equipment being delivered to Borgomanero Hospital today, is the fruit borne from this collaboration.”

“We feel that it is important to at least partly “give back” after all that this extraordinary land has given us over the many years. For this reason,” explained Fabio Fontaneto, CEO of the homonymous company, “on the occasion of our 35th anniversary, we have decided to celebrate by staunchly supporting the Pro-nephropathic Association and Borgomanero Hospital.”

“The Foundations and Private Individuals” in our local area stand alongside the Institutions, allowing us to renew and increase the technological fleet of machinery which essentially helps support the work of our professionals, whilst also contributing to our offer of a service that is increasingly suited to the patient’s needs,” declared Angelo Penna, Managing Director of the Novara public health department. “We’re sincerely grateful to the Fiorenzo Alliata Pro-nephropathic Association and Fontaneto Srl for this donation which will undoubtedly benefit our patients who will be able to draw comfort from the facilitated operator interventions enabled by high-tech equipment.”

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