Fontaneto s.r.l. offers its clients the quality of an artisan product!
Our products are prepared in full respect of tradition with scrupulous attention for hygiene and sanitary issues. For us Quality is a Value and our fundamental aim is to make a product that is "safe, excellent and full of flavour" . Our slogan has always been "Freshness and Quality at your service!" We operate in compliance with BRC and IFS standards, we are certified manufacturers and guarantee safety and hygiene, quality, control of the production environment, of the product, the processes and personnel.

1. Quality of flavour

The organoleptic quality of our products has to be nothing short of excellent which is why we submit our products to strict panel tests. Our quality products have to contribute to a healthy diet and so we have removed all the monosodium glutamate from all our ravioli and we carry out continuous research into technology so as to prepare products that respond to evolution of the market, with particular attention for reducing the amount of additives used.

2. Production processes

Our production processes have been developed to guarantee a product that complies with company needs and during the planning and design of new plants , the hygiene specifications and management methods of same are also defined. We select technology that as far as possible safeguards the characteristics of the raw materials and we are particularly attentive towards the various stages of operations, from supply of raw materials to packaging, passing through personnel, as far as distribution, promoting the values bound to quality and tradition.

3. Analysis

In order to guarantee our product, we carry out hundreds of chemical ad microbiological analyses and tests on the finished product, raw materials and on environmental parameters;
a few simple results are determined in-house although most analysis and tests are carried out by certified external laboratories. We collaborate with important national university research institutes in order to guarantee the quality and safety of our products

4. Packaging

We have studied this subject both for products for sale after splitting and for those directed at the final consumer in order to ensure flavour, nutritional and safety characteristics are maintained in all phases of the product's manufacture. We aim to convey clearly and transparently to the client all information required by law. During planning of new packaging, we evaluate the possibility of loss of packaging weight so as to reduce the impact of our production on the environment . We also weigh up all aspects relating to advantages in use: ease in stacking on shelves for the client and ease of opening and closing again after partial use for the final consumer.

The guarantee of certified quality

Qualità certificata