Artisan productiontradition and tecnology

What do we produce?

Truly fresh products

Over 80 products available in various sizes, with various fillings and packaging, the company's true core business, distributed by means of its own widespread delivery network

Products packed in a protected environment

Over 30 different items, different types, brands and weights

Our fresh pasta products are divided into

Fresh egg pasta, "rolled out" and ready to use, loose and packaged.


Potato gnocchi and filled gnocchi to be sold loose or packaged


Fresh egg pasta with "filling", loose and packaged

Not justpasta

We have expanded our range and today we have new, products that are, as ever, of the finest quality, selected personally to guarantee a vast assortment and a complete service for our clients:  Grissini-breadsticks, Sauces,  ready-to-serve dishes, Gastronomy, Pastries and cakes. All fresh products, whether loose or packaged, are rigorously controlled thanks to modern technology while fully respecting tradition.

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